Norms of use for the website

Norms of use for the website


The OLOS Foundation is the managing Organization of the websites that you can reach at the URLs:;;
OLOS, within the activities it manages, is entitled to secure all the rights, the conditions of use and the guarantees that satisfy the exclusive property of the producer of the computer technologies and software that he utilizes, according to the stipulated contract with its technical partners.

1. Your relationship with OLOS
1.1 Your use of the websites (follows as: the ”Website”) and any product, software and service, that is provided on or from the website (all together called the “Services” in the current document),is subordinated to the terms of a contract that has legal value between yourself and OLOS.
1.2 Your relationship with OLOS follows the terms and conditions established in the Regulation. Altogether the Regulation is constituted by:
a) Current document;
b) The Regulation of the Truce for Action Contest;
c) Laws on the privacy of OLOS;
d) Laws on Copyright;
e) Laws for the Community of Truce;
f) The notices referred to the alter ego of the Community of Truce, found in the document: Hackers;
g) The definition of Role and task of OLOS, found in the document: OLOS Foundation.
All the official documents are reported on the website and only those can be considered as such. In the case of language versions different from the Italian one, this last one is official with regards to the others.
1.3 The Regulation constitutes a legally binding agreement between you and the OLOS Foundation regarding your use of the Services. It is important that you take the necessary time to read it carefully. We also encourage you to print or save a copy of the Regulation.
1.4 The Regulation is applied to all website users that share contents in the available formats, information and other material or services with the intent to register to the Community of the Truce.

2. Acceptance of the Regulation contents
2.1 To be able to use the Services, you must first accept the contents of the Regulation. It is not permitted to use the Services without having first accepted the Regulation’s contents.
2.2 You can accept the Regulation’s contents simply by using the Services. You just recognize and accept that OLOS will consider your use of the Services as acceptance of the Regulation’s contents from that moment on.
2.3 You may not use the Services and you cannot accept the Regulation’s contents if:
a) You do not have the legally required age to stipulate a binding contract with OLOS;
b) You are a person to whom it is forbidden or otherwise legally prohibited to receive or use the Services according to the laws in the country in which you are resident or from which you access or use the Services.

3.Language of the Regulation
3.1 In the cases where OLOS provides a translation – in English, French or a different language – of the Regulation, this is provided for your own comfort. Your relationship with OLOS will stay disciplined by the versions in Italian.
3.2 In case of a contradiction between the Italian version of the Regulation and the relative translation, the version in Italian will prevail.

4. Changes in the Regulation
4.1 OLOS, confronted with shared solicitations, and/or inaccuracies that make part of the Regulation inapplicable, can modify such Regulation. When these changes are necessary, OLOS will release a statement on the website and will make available a new copy of the Regulation.
4.2 You must try to recognize and accept that, if you use the Services after the date in which the Regulation has been modified, OLOS will consider your use as an acceptance of the updated Regulation.
4.3 Therefore, keep yourself informed and check the Regulation periodically to see if there have been changes.

5. OLOS account (OLA)
5.1 In order to access some particular services of the website, you must create an OLOS account (OLA). When you create your OLA, you must provide precise and complete information. It is important that you keep your OLA password, secure and confidential.
5.2 You must immediately communicate to OLOS any security violation or unauthorized use of your OLA account that comes to your knowledge.
5.3 You accept to be the only responsible (in regards to OLOS, and others) for every activity that occurs through your OLA.

6. General limitations on the use
6.1 OLOS, with the current laws of use and the Regulation, authorizes you to access and utilize the website and the Services, subordinated to the following conditions and your acceptance that your non adhesion to any of these conditions will constitute a violation of the current laws of use and of the Regulation on your part:
a) You accept to not distribute any part/s of the website, in exemplifying title but not exhaustive, the user Contributions, in any way without the expressed written authorization of OLOS;
b) You accept to not make any changes or alterations to any part of the website or at any Service;
c) You accept to not access user Contributions or other content made available on the website, using other technology or different ways than those from the pages of the website, or by other means that OLOS could explicitly indicate for such purpose;
d) You accept to not elude (or try to elude), debilitate, or in other ways interfere with any element tied to the security of the website or elements that:
Prohibit or limit the use or the copy of any user Contribution or Content of the site;
Strengthen the limitations on the use of the website or the accessible content on the website.
e) You accept to not use the Website or any Service for commercial use, without the express written authorization of OLOS. The prohibited commercial use can include, in exemplifying title but not exhaustive:
The resale of the access to the Website or to any Service on an another website for the primary purpose of obtaining a publicity or an economic return;
The redistribution of the Services (including any user Contribution accessible through such Services) for the primary purpose of generating revenues from a commercial business company.

Prohibited commercial use do not include:
The uploading of a user contribution on the website;
Any use that is explicitly authorized by OLOS in writing.

f) You accept to not use or launch any computerized system, including, in exemplifying title but no exhaustive, any robot, spider or offline reader that accesses the Website sending numerous access requests to the OLOS servers in a specific period of time with regards to how much a human being can reasonably perform in the same period of time using a standard web browser (that is, not modified) available to the public;
g) You accept to not register multiple email addresses and to provide false names .
h) You accept to not collect any personal data from any user of the Website or any Service (and you accept that the personal data will be considered also as the account name registered with l’OLA);
i) You accept to not use the Website and the Services for the solicitation of commercial business or in connection to a commercial company;
j) You accept to not solicit, for commercial purposes, any user of the Website regarding their own work;
k) You accept to not access the Photographic images or Video (as defined in the following) for any reason different from the use indicated in the Regulation. This, as intended, is for the normal functionality of the Services regarding the “Streaming” and “Downloading”. “Streaming” indicates a live digital transmission of the material on behalf of OLOS through the internet to an instrument capable of accessing the internet operated from a user in such a way that the data is available for a live viewing and not for a download (both permanent and temporary), that is to be copied, kept, or redistributed by the user. This last opportunity, except for possible concessions received in writing by OLOS, is explicitly prohibited to the search engines;
6.2 You accept to conform to all other dispositions of the Regulation and of the Community laws, throughout your use of the Services.
6.3 OLOS allows the public search engines the permit to use the spider in order to copy material from the Website for the sole purpose to create research indexes of the publicly available materials, but not to carry out activities of caching or saving such materials. OLOS allows itself the right to revoke these exceptions both in specific and general cases.
6.4 OLOS tries, through the technologies made available by its technical partners, to turn the functions of the website into state of the art workings. This, also by improving and innovating such functions in order to provide the best possible experience for its users. Therefore you recognize and accept that the form and nature of the Services that OLOS provides can change without having to receive a personal communication on such matter.
6.5 As part of this continuous improvement and innovation, you recognize and accept that OLOS can interrupt (in a temporary way or, for reasons independent from our own will, even permanent) the providing of the Services (or of any aspect within the Services) towards you or towards the other Users in exclusive discretion of OLOS, without it being previously communicated to you. You can stop using the Services at any moment. You do not have to specifically inform OLOS if you stop using the Services.
6.6 You accept to be exclusively responsible (and that OLOS is not responsibility for you or towards third parties) for any violation of your obligations according to the Regulation and for the consequences (including any loss or harm that OLOS might encounter) for such violation.

7. Copyright policy
7.1 OLOS has in effect a clear policy regarding the copyright in relation to any User Contribution that is presumably in violation of such copyright. The details of the policy can be consulted in the relative document Copyright Laws.
7.2 As part of the policy on the copyright, OLOS will interrupt the user’s access to the Website if a user has been found as a transgressor.
7.3 Considering that it is not possible for OLOS to control the contents of each Photographic image or Video that participates to the Contest, a procedure of auto control of the author’s rights is activated, available through the service activated by the notification for violations of the Copyright procedure, accessible on the Website.
The service aims to favor the solution of such – eventual – disagreement among the Parts involved through a communication model that, using the technologies from the Website, aims to reduce the friction between the contenders and to make immediately available to OLOS the statements and the deductions which will represent the basis for OLOS to formulate its binding decision, whether to maintain or not on the Website the depiction of the Photographic image or Video in question – or of part of it – until the moment in which the dispute will be resolved and/or in the case of intervention from the authorities. Furthermore, OLOS however remains foreign and cannot be considered responsible for the violation of the copyright from a third party.

8. Your User Contribution
8.1 As a holder of an OLA you can participate to the Contest by presenting a Photographic image or a Video. You understand that whether your “opera” is published or not, OLOS does not guarantee any confidentiality regarding any User Contribution.
8.2 You, as Lead Partner of the Team, hold all the property rights on the work presented, but it is requested to concede limited license rights to OLOS and to other users of the Website. These are described on paragraph 10 of the current norms for the use of the website (Rights that you concede in license.
8.3 You acknowledge and accept to be the only responsible for your personal User Contributions and for the consequences of their posting and publication. OLOS does not avail any User Contribution or any opinion, recommendation or explicit advice, and OLOS clearly declines any and all responsibility regarding the User Contributions.
8.4 You acknowledge and guarantee to have (and to continue to have throughout your use of the Services) all necessary licenses, rights, consensus’, and permits required to allow OLOS to utilize your User Contributions for the purpose of providing the Services and for the implementation of the activities of the Contest on behalf of OLOS, and otherwise to use your User Contributions in the specified manner from the Website and from the Regulation of the Contest.

9. Content of your User Contributions
9.1 You accept that your conduct on the website conforms (and you accept that the content of all User Contributions conforms) to the norms of the Community of Truce, located on the Website, as periodically updated, and to all applicable local laws, other than national and international laws and regulations.
9.2 You accept to not publish or upload any User Contribution that holds content that for you is illegal to possess in the country in which you reside, or that it would be illegal for OLOS to use or possess with regards to providing the Services.
9.3 You accept to not upload or publish any User Contribution whose rights are subject of a third party (including privacy rights or publication rights), unless you are in possession of a formal authorization or permit on behalf of the legitimate holder to publish the material in question and to concede OLOS the license found in paragraph 10.1.
9.4 OLOS allows itself the right (but is not obligates) to decide if the User Contributions are conformed with the required contents in the current Regulation and can remove such User Contributions and/or terminate the access of a User to upload onto the Website any User Contribution that is in violation of the current Service Regulation at any moment, without an explicit warning and not to your discretion.
9.5 You, also, recognize and accept that by using the Website and the Services, you can be exposed to User Contributions that are in fact inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or in other ways impolite for you. You accept to renounce at any rights or legal remedy or equity condition that you have or could have towards OLOS regarding any User Contribution.

10. Rights that you concede in license
10.1 When you upload or publish a Photographic image or a Video on the Website, you concede:

a) To OLOS, a worldwide license, not exclusive, without royalty, transferable (with the right to fire) to utilize, reproduce, distribute, to prepare derived work, visualize, and implement that User Contribution with regards to providing the Services and otherwise in connection with the providing of the Website and the commercial services of OLOS, included merely as an example title are the promotion and the redistribution of all or part of the Website (and work derived from the website) in any format and through any channel;

b) To every user of the Website, a worldwide license, non exclusive, without royalty, to access your User Contribution through the Website and to utilize, reproduce, distribute, prepare derived work, visualize and implement such User Contributions in the permitted measure from the operability of the Website and according to the current Regulation.
10.2 The above licenses approved on your behalf for the User Contributions terminate exactly when you remove or eliminate your Video from the Website. The above licenses approved from you on the User Contributions are permanent and irrevocable, unless there is injustice for your own rights, that are detained from you as regarded in the paragraph 8.2 mentioned above.

11. Website contents
11.1 With the exception of the User Contributions, all other contents of the Website, included, merely as an example, the text, the characters, graphics, photo, music, video become both property as conceded in license to OLOS, and is subject to copyright, brand rights, and other intellectual property rights of OLOS or OLOS’ partners. Any brand or third party service brands present in the OLOS Content stays a brand or a service brand of the respective owners.
11.2 The Content of the Website cannot be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, spread, visualized, sold, and conceded in license or taken advantage for any other purpose without the express written consent of OLOS or OLOS’ partners. OLOS allows itself all the rights not explicitly conceded on and for the Website’s Contents.
11.3Different discussion regards the Regulation of the Contest. Everyone will be able to use it in part or in its entirety for similar initiatives. However, we add that the Regulation of the Contest is not of public dominion. Everyone will be able to use it, modify and reproduce it, but to no business operator it will be allowed to put restrictions on its use and its reproduction. This means changes will not be permitted that, from the Regulation of the Contest, modify into a self-made regulation. We want to be sure that all versions of the Contest or of similar ones remain free.
In any circumstance where someone intends to use and/or take a suggestion from the original and inedited version of the Regulation of the Contest, only the citation of the source and a communication of the actual use are requested, to the address of

12. Hypertext connections to the Website
12.1 The Services can include hypertext connections to other websites that are not possessed or controlled by OLOS. OLOS does not have control and does not assume any responsibility for the content, the privacy policy or any practice of a third party Website.
12.2 You acknowledge and accept that OLOS is not responsible for the availability of any website or external resource, and does not approve any publicity, product or other material made available by such websites or resources.
12.3 You acknowledge and accept that OLOS is not responsible for any loss or damage that you could encounter as a consequence of the availability of those websites or external resources, or with regards to any trust placed by you for its thoroughness, accuracy or existence of any publicity, product or other material made available by such Websites or resources.
12.4 OLOS encourages you to be aware, when you upload User Contents on the Website and to read the terms, conditions and the privacy policy of every other website that you visit.

13. End of your relations with OLOS
13.1 The Regulation will continue to be applied until you terminate it or by OLOS as established as follows.
13.2 If you want to resolve your contract by means of legal value with OLOS, you can proceed in a very simple way:
By closing your OLA.
You will be able to send this message by accessing – for the last time – the Log in page that you find in the Home page of the Website and, from there to the link called “cancel profile”.
13.3 OLOS can at any moment cease the current contract that has legal value with you, if:
a) You have violated a disposition of the Regulation (or you have acted in a way that clearly indicates you do not have the intentions of, or are not able to obey to the dispositions of the Regulation);
b) OLOS asks you to do so because requested by the law (for example, if providing you the Services is, or becomes, illegitimate);
c) OLOS will not provide the Services any longer to the users of the countries in which you are resident or from which you use the Services;
d) Providing the Services for you on behalf of OLOS is, according to OLOS, not following the spirit of the initiative and/or the Regulation.
13.4 When the current Regulation comes to cease, all legal rights, obligations and responsibilities from which you and OLOS have benefited, or to which you have been subject (or that have come up during the period in which the Regulation was in effect) or that are expressed to continue indefinitely, will not be altered, and the preview of paragraph 16.6 will continue to be applied to such rights, obligations and responsibilities indefinitely.

14. Exclusion of Guarantees
14.1 Nothing of what is foreseen by the Regulation will alter any right expected by the law for which you have the right as a consumer, and can’t be contractually modified or refused.
14.2 The Services are provided “just as they are” and OLOS does not give you any guarantee or statement referred to them.
14.3 In particular OLOS does not declare or guarantee that:
Your use of the Services will satisfy your needs;
Your use of the Services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or free of errors;
Any information obtained as a result of your use of the Services, will be precise or trustworthy;
The defects in the use interface or in the operations of any software offered in use, as part of the Services, will be correct.
14.4 No condition, guarantee or other terms (including any implicit terms of satisfying quality, suitable for a purpose or conformed to the description) is applied to the Services except in the case that they are explicitly established in the Regulation.

15. Limitations of Responsibility
15.1 Nothing in the current Regulation will exclude or limit the responsibility of OLOS for losses that can’t be legitimately excluded or limited by the applicable law.
15.2 Subordinated to the general predictions in the preceding paragraph OLOS will not be responsible in your regards for:
1. Any indirect or consequential loss that could occur to you. This includes any loss of profit (occurred both directly or indirectly), any operational or reputation loss, any loss of data you underwent;
2. Any loss or damage that you could endure as a result of:
a) Any trust bestowed for the thoroughness, correctness or the existence of any publicity, or as a result of any relationship or transaction between you and any advertiser or sponsor whose publicity appears on the services;
b) Any changes that OLOS might make to the services, or for any temporary or permanent cease in providing the services (or any element within the services);
c) The cancellation of, alteration of, or non memorization of any user contribution and other data communications maintained or transmitted from or through your use of the services;
d) You did not provide OLOS with precise information on your Account;
e) Your ineffectiveness to maintain the password or details of your OLA secure and confidential.
15.4 The limitations to OLOS’ responsibility in your regards, where the preceding paragraph 15.3 will be applied either if OLOS has been notified or not, that is should have been knowledgeable of the possibility of incumbent potential losses.

16. General legal terms
16.1 The Regulation of the Contest, the current document on the norms of use, privacy laws applied by OLOS and all other documents that are published on the Website constitute the entire contract having legal value between you and OLOS and regulate your use of the Services and completely substitute any preceding agreement between you and OLOS with regards to the Services.
16.2 You accept that OLOS can provide you communications, including those regarding the changes to the Regulation, through email or messages published on the OLOS website and – if really necessary – through ordinary mail.
16.3 You accept that if OLOS does not exercise or carry out any of the rights or legal remedies expected by the Regulation (or from which OLOS benefits according to any applicable law), this will not be considered as a formal surrender of OLOS’ rights and that those rights or remedies are still available for OLOS.
16.4 If a competent court of law, having the jurisdiction to decide on such matter, establishes that the current Regulation is partly invalid, then the specifically invalid disposition will be eliminated from the Regulation without invalidating the remaining terms of the disposition. These remaining dispositions of the regulation will continue to be valid and applicable.
16.5 You acknowledge and accept that OLOS is a Foundation that does not pursue profit, that is constituted in Italy and that, as such, is subject to the current laws in Italy.
This means, that where the OLOS Foundation should unfold its patrimony and its activities could be incorporated in a legal organism subject to the same regulations. Having said this, this hypothesized organism that incorporates the expressed activities from OLOS, will be third party beneficiary with regards to the Regulation. Furthermore this other Organization will have the right to directly carry out, and behold its trust, on any disposition of the Regulation that confers right in its favor. Other than such dispositions, no other person, organization or company will be considered as a third beneficiary of the Regulation

17. Controversies.
All of the controversies that can emerge in the arrearages of the application of the current Regulation will be addressed, from OLOS, to its own legal advisers.

17.1 For those who will not be able to demonstrate with legally valid documents their position within explicit relations with the interlocutors of the Contest will not have the possibility to begin an appeal process in regards to OLOS, concerning the solution of specific controversies that emerged in the arrearages of the current Regulation and/or against it.

OLOS, in every case, will always act according to the steps of the behavior of “an excellent family mother”. Her self-governing rules will be disputed and detailed.

Those that will want to argue as “implicated party “or because they think they can draw specific benefits and/or obstruct the development of the Mission of Truce for Action will have to clash with the wisdom, cleverness, the “non-innocence”, the intelligence and the great equilibrium that OLOS will provide – and the entire Community of Truce that it represents – of qualities comparable to “the perseverance of a horse” cited in the sentence described by K’un – The receptive, Earth – in “I Ching”. It can be an idea to take advice from a wise Chinese.

17.2 The Regulation and your relationship with OLOS on the basis of the current Regulation will be disciplined by the Italian law. You and OLOS accept to subject yourselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts of law and, specifically the ones in Pescara, to resolve any legal matter deriving form the Regulation. Nevertheless, you accept that OLOS is still authorized to carry out ordered decrees (or of different type equivalent to urgent legal remedy) in any jurisdiction.

Pescara, 10/02/2012